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Monday, September 27, 2004

All about Love 

I'm all about the love for the noise makers today. Distractions and excuses for focusing are perfect on Monday mornings. And I say mornings because I'm not quite awake yet. Even with all the banging, whirring, pounding, slamming, breaking, screeching, drilling, and hammering going on.

I want to find the incessant honking truck driver and kiss him like he's never been kissed before. And find him a hooker so he can get laid and lay off the fucking horn already! I have so much love for this one man that I can't possibly imagine my life without having had him in it, briefly as it might have been. Those 30 minutes of honking - they made my day.

I love the phone call caller. The one that let's my co-worker's phone ring 15 times. I would pick up the phone, but to be honest, stopping the phone call caller from letting the phone ring incessantly would pretty much ruin my day. It's also tough to locate the phone. I think someone might have cast invisibility on it. But I love it.

I love that phone and the phone call caller.

I love the drill and the driller.

I love the missing wall and the sledge hammerer.

I love the trucker and the truck honking honker.

In other news, I totally want this:
Now Available!
Pat's New Book
"Where the Right Went Wrong" Autographed!

That's right folks! Pat Buchanan wrote a book, and the generous bastard will send the thing to you - auto-fucking-graphed. It doesn't get any better than this, guys. I promise you.

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