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Sunday, August 15, 2004


Friday was get the hell out of dodge day. And get the hell out I did. At 9:30, packed into the car with munchie goodness and a few bits of clothes, it was off to a music festival. Where, and let it be known here that I did check the weather before 8 pm on Friday, it was in a word: wet. The kind of wet that comes from the skies. Let it also be known that the weather report indicated this kind of wetness. It indicated a need for more than one pair of shoes, those of which sandals are perhaps best ignored. Or left behind. I don't take advice well. Obviously. Also, coats are apparently good in rainstorms. How do I know this? I didn't have one. I'm smart. The smrt kind of smart. See how that version is lacking something? Yeah, I was lacking in foresight, common sense, planning capabilities. All of this in exchange for the excessive giddiness that accompanies getting the hell out of dodge.

All in all, quite the good weekend. Albeit wet, and a bit on the cold side, what with the sandals and all. Nevertheless, I had a good time. I slept in a tent, which I haven't done since the first coming of Christ, or as is better known to some people as the last time I went camping. Truth be told here, I'm stretching this a bit, as the last time I was camping wasn't so long ago. Okay, three years, but averaging that out from my lifespan so far, it's not so long ago.

I cooked dinner tonight, but kinda screwed it up. However, the plate looked nice. And it didn't taste all that great. Remind me to lay off the soy sauce and salt combination. It gets me in trouble every time.

And just to let it be known, I was thinking before starting that some seitan steak and mashed potatoes would be heavenly. But no mashed potatoes were available. Until I took the rice out of the cabinet and found the mashed potato box. It was discreetly hiding behind the basmati. Sneaky little bastard.

So to recap, blogging while relaxing in the tub... is surreal.

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