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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Just what the doctor ordered... 

I had made plans in my head for this weekend. I intended to avoid pretty much everyone and hide in my flat. Or someone else's, whichever seemed most relaxing at the time. I wanted to spend some time away from everyone, everything that's been overly complicated lately. To see if I could find my way back to my own life since I've been somehow dragged away from it. To relax in the company of only people I want to be around, who make my life easier, the ones that offer me council without a second thought, the ones that make me feel like I don't have to hear the whole story or know all the details.

I did most of that, aside from hiding from people. Luckily, the hiding wasn't entirely necessary. My weekend was really good. And the advice was good as well. So thanks.

Back at university, I had Godfather weekends because one of my roommates was a fan. We watched the whole trilogy in one sitting at least twice. The last Godfather weekend had to have been at least 4 years ago. I can't believe this but I can't remember the first two parts all that well anymore. And I just watched the third tonight. I am sure my old roommate would have me killed for admitting that I don't remember the entire story so well. But the deleted scenes are sparking more memories.

I don't know how I made it through the day with only complaining a little bit about my back hurting. Someone is likely happy about this. I'll see what I can do about remedying the lack of complaints. I'll start later this week. I can't be bothered to start complaining too loudly too soon.

Last week I had one of those writer's block episodes while at work. As evidenced with the crap blog entries lately, I'm not quite past it yet. But I'm looking forward to writing something with some kind of reading value soon...

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