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Sunday, August 08, 2004

In the news... 

If you haven't already, go see Fahrenheit 9/11. It'll be good for you. And now for the news.

Speaking of 9/11, Terror alert is moved to orange - 3 years after the intelligence was received.

Bush doesn't like legacy college admission - note that's he's a 3rd generation graduate of Yale.

Let's pick on Hilary for running for the senate from a state in which she doesn't currently live. Then let's do that ourselves a few years later. Wait... Keyes is already doing that.

Speaking of elections, let's not screw it up again in November, okay? We'll bring in some observers. Not a bad idea. Thanks Colin Powell.

I know that I take games seriously, in most respects, but there are a few people in Florida who take losing an xbox a bit too seriously. Really guys, 1st degree murder is a little much.

This story changes the entire meaning of family jewels. Not really sure about this one.

It's recordings like these that make me think that American presidents aren't in it for the service of it all. Which is, naively speaking, the point of government - service to the constituents to enrich and benefit their lives. Shouldn't it be more about the service to the American people rather than the re-election strategy? Or is that too naive?

Novel idea - better technology = better intelligence. Read all about it.

Cheney and Rumsfeld could be called to the witness stand in the trial of the US soldier facing a 38 year sentence for abusing Iraqi prisoners. Think they'll take the 5th?

The Italians say there's an easy way to be lazy. I concur.

Someone else found the recent Catholic Church's most recent document on women a bit... off.

And, appropriately enough, blogs won't change the world.

That's all for tonight.

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