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Friday, August 13, 2004

Impromptu post 

While running around my flat like a mad woman, I decided to post an entry. Why am I running around like a mad woman? I have nothing better to do before going out of town for a day or two. Other than pack, shower, call my friend in the states to wish her a happy birthday. Nothing of importance at all. Nevermind the trash I have to take out or the laundry I should fold. I'm gonna blog. Why the hell not?

I have to remember to grab a German magazine. I need something German to read or I'm positive I'll forget any bits of the language that I may have already picked up. I so want to be able to get just one damn clue in an Austrian newspaper's crossword puzzle. Just one. I'm not aiming high - except for the fact that they're impossible. But that's another story.

I had considered sitting around my flat this weekend, maybe even cleaning up a bit. Maybe playing some games or finishing some, if I could manage it. I'm fine with the idea of not doing any of that, however, I will have to do my dish soon. That's right. Dish. One in the sink.

Make that two.

Okay we won't talk about that anymore.

I spent some time today talking with a friend. I think he's not very happy. I really want to do something to help, but I know I can't actually do anything to make it better for him. That kinda sucks. I can't even be stupid-funny enough to make him burst into raucous laughter. I tried. It nearly worked, but fell just slightly short. I'll have to try again later when I'm back in the city.

Have a good weekend!

It's nice when wishes come true. :) I'm a happy camper!

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