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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Cars, Ferries, Red Bull and Rain 

I can't count the number of hours I've spent in the car in the last more-than-24 hours. Spontaneous trips across the continent and beyond are a good thing. So, we've rented ourselves a lil car, got a little crazy getting organized before departure and then drove through the pitchest-of-pitch-black moments in the countryside of the Czech Republic, then through the pouring down rain in Germany on what could have been considered the oddest of "autobahn" routes, which were in reality 2 lane backroads. Then there was the 45 minutes, and no I'm not kidding, to get into and out of Berlin. At 4 am. It's not that there were many problems or that we were lost. Have you been to that place? It's goddamn huge. Really.

Past that, it was kind of blurry. I was a tad tired. I didn't sleep sleep. I just rested my eyes for about 15 minutes at a time until we came to a stop for a small snooze around 6 in the morning. And then there was Red Bull. Not too much, but couple it with some coffee later on and it's impossible to sleep until coma sets in.

Making our way from the short nap area, we got ourselves onto a ferry where there was some more sitting time. Albeit on a boat, which is a distinctly different feeling than the car on...land. Upon arrival at destination we went to fetch belongings from the lil car. It was then that Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, decided to dump some water on us. Some people might have called it rain, but really, the drops were the size of golf balls. When we, soakingly, stepped into the comfort of indoors, the rain ceased. Nearly immediately. Go figger.

So now, I'm currently sitting on a really nice balcony, overlooking some garden-y courtyard area, with a blanket over my legs and liking Sweden. I've yet to break out the camera.

We had some of the best food I've ever eaten for dinner tonight. If I had the url, I'd post it. It's a vegan restaurant in Malmoe, sorry for no umlauts, and damn. Damn, damn, damn. It's good. And by good I mean really fucking fantastic.

Amazing fact about Sweden, besides the super cool restaurant I mean... Stores - the grocery kind - are open until 22.00h. This is what it should be like. If not, the stores should be open all night. It's perfectly normal to have to go buy bread at midnight and have a place to be able to do it. Someone should notify the Austrian store owners about the profit that's possible.

I feel a coma coming on.

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