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Saturday, August 21, 2004

BBQ, Piercings, Games, Guns, Copenhagen and Silliness 

We decided to grill some dinner last night. It went somewhat not so well. We started the coals too late, and we were on a time schedule, so we actually ended up cooking the steaks in a pan. By the time we finished dinner, the coals were perfect for cooking. But dinner was great. Potatoes, mushrooms in a cream sauce and marinated steaks. Lecker.

I woke up this morning thinking I had inflicted some kind of terrible, horrendous, nearly unbearable pain on myself. It seemed so real that I felt myself so near to tears. I didn't actually pierce my nose, but the dream was so real.

I have to check out Sacred and Divine Divinity when I get home. I think I might actually like the two games. I played about 15 minutes of Sacred yesterday, and, truth be told, I really quite liked it. I was, however, thoroughly confused since I haven't played a PC game in ages.

We went visiting yesterday. We took gifts. Or rather, gift. It was an Airzooka and it was hilarious. The thing is a massive cannon of plastic that shoots air. I want one.

So Denmark isn't so far from Malmoe. And we were in the Tivoli park today to wander around. There wasn't a chance in hell that I could convince any one of the other adults onto a roller coaster. Not that I didn't make an effort, but I am sure I could have tried a little harder and gotten to the same conclusion. How could it be that adults are scared of roller coasters? I thought that wasn't allowed.

I'm sitting on the balcony at the moment, enjoying the smell of burning pipe tobacco, wallowing in memories of my grandpa in the smoking room. He used to smoke his pipe in the smoking room between the garage and the house because my grandma wouldn't allow her house to smell "like that junky pipe," as she would always say. My uncles would smoke pipes or cigars and sit with their dad on the davenport. And drink beer out of cans and tease me about everything. I've noticed that's apparently what uncles are born to do - tease their nieces. It's endearing, and sweet, and tends to put a smile on everyone's face.

If it feels more and more like a travel diary of non-substantive entries lately to anyone that may read this blog, I can understand. I will hopefully have less and less current events notices to publish and more and more evaluative, self-investigative entries to post when I can get back into my own shoes, if you will. I've been jotting down memories and stories that I wanted to write about, but I can't for the life of me get myself to actually write them. No, I can't get the stories written well. And I like to think that sometimes I should hold myself to higher writing standards. So, current events topics will become less frequent once I can pick up the writer's pen.

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