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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Yeah. That's it. 

I'm wholly unorganized. I have about 12 things to do, and no time to do it. Add to that a little exhaustion and we have no motivation. I suppose it might be a smart thing to locate some maps, but I can't really be all that bothered at the moment. I already know that I will get less sleep than last night, so driving for a couple hours should prove fun. I can't wait for sun up.

I could sit and blather on about how displaced I feel in my flat, or my life, but instead I'd rather dwell on something else entirely. Ever feel like you've totally lost touch with someone? But they're right there. You can see them, small talk with them. You just can't talk to them about anything for any number of reasons, most of which when viewed reasonably or logically are practically insane. And the worst part, you really want to talk to them, you want to lean on them when you feel a little less than useful, or hmm useful is the wrong word here. You want to lean on them because a little comfort seems like the world to you, and just maybe you can gather a little strength for yourself without any important exchange of words. But it's just not a possibility, it doesn't even feel like that would be okay. Like you aren't welcome. Anywhere.

Yeah. That's how I feel.

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