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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Useless Information 

Blogger and Safari aren't good friends.

Long nails and I aren't getting along.

German keyboards might be responsible for the long nail thing.

I've spent the day being goofy, reading stuff, listening to audio recordings of talks that no one else would find even remotely interesting, and retyping every damn word I've typed out on this keyboard. At least three times. Each. That's how much I rock.

Apparently, although I've yet to actually read the articl, there was a guy that jumped out of a helium balloon in the 60's. The creepy part is that he did it from 31,000 meters above the Earth. Yes, that's about 4 times the height of Mt. Everest. The tallest mountain on earth. Talk about your thrill seeker! Sheesh. You could likely never catch me jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Or hot air balloon. I'm not really picky, to be honest.

Summer time in Vienna is a tad warm. And by that I mean it's just after 11 at night and I have this feeling that I'm sitting bare-assed on the sun. As if the clothes would be of any use there, right? I think the heat from the laptop might not be helping. Hmm.

I can't stop staring at the game being played. It's like...I can't even describe it. Well, lemme give it a shot. Seems kinda like getting addicted to crack. Of course, what use is my analogy with all of my (nonexistant) drug experience to rely on.

Oh hey, it's happy day. I got an email today that Tales of Symphonia was shipped. I hope it arrives tomorrow. Because that makes perfect sense.

So I started reading this book about Serial Killers. I know, right? I'm a little odd. Won't watch a dumb or cheesy horror flick, but passes the time by reading non-fiction books about super scary serial murderers. It's completely logical in some sense. Anyways, I've only read through two of the chapters, so I only know two of the killers in a detailed kind of way. So there was this guy, right. He killed at least 50 people. The descriptions of him include things like "quiet", "gentle giant", "domed head". Okay, are ya still with me, because I have this feeling that one of those things is not like the other. I never considered that "domed" would be an applicable adjective for a head. Now I know. Thanks serial killer guy.

The scariest bits about that book aren't necessarily that they killed people, or in which ways they killed people - I know how weird this sounds, but don't stray, just stick with me here... - but in the fact that they develop pen pals while in prison and then some of them, usually the ones that kill a bunch of women (of course), marry their pen pals. Does anyone raise an eyebrow at that? I'm surely not the only one. It's just not possible.

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