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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Slow, Slower, Slowest 

Not so smart today. I woke up and everything was fine. It all went downhill from there.

I have this problem. I think that if I leave for work 15 minutes earlier than I know I have to to get to the office on time that I will actually get there 15 minutes before I have to get there. This is not the case. Never. I really don't understand why the public transportation gods like to do this, but they do. When I miss a tram in the morning and one doesn't show up for at least 6 minutes, I know what the rest of my morning commute to work will be like.


It's a curse. A voodoo curse. Some pins and needles somewhere doing something mean. Slowly.

Just in case it's of any importance to me, should my audience (read I) re-read this at a later point... Windows XP has some problems recovering deleted files. It's a long process. Kind of slow. Also, as an added note for myself, don't be a dumbass and delete files. There we go, that should solve future problems. I'd dwell, but it's really too stupid.

For future fun, please remember to open mouth before inserting foot. It's easier and leaves less marks. And might I dare say that it's faster as well.

Somewhere around 20.00h my day was seemingly improving. I was a little less slow. This is not to say that there were leaps and bounds of improvement, merely not quite as not-so-smart.

If I had the brain power to get into a story that I'm dying to write about, and if I didn't have nearly 8 hours of sleep to immediately look forward to, I would carry on about some rather uninteresting or likely-not-very-lively event in my past. However, tiredness and stupidity are the culprits of the day. Not shocking since I only slept 3.5 hours last night.

Time for a little shuteye.

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