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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Nothing is certain but... 

Death and Taxes. Benjamin Franklin

I was supposed to call the finance office to figure out what's up with my tax stuff today. Since it's already 18.30, there's no question that those people have been at home cooking or eating dinner for at least an hour and a half. Of course, it's probably more likely that they've been out of the office since 15.00h seeing as it is a government office.

I'm certainly forgetful today. I forgot to bring about 4 things to the office this morning, but in my defense, I was really kind of out of it. I nearly forgot to put on my shirt, and I'm sure the rest of the city is extremely pleased that I caught that problem before it became evident to others. See, I was trying to be sneaky and quiet, so as not to disturb the sleep of someone. It totally didn't work as I had planned, but I tried. And that's the point.

So we've started German lessons at the office again. I think the sheer amount of British folks scared the teacher a bit. She seems nice enough, but was a tad nervous today. I would be too if I were her. Completely understandable. But nonetheless, we got to request things that we want from the class, and one of the prominent requests was to not have to read about pensionists or garbage. Long story short - Last German class I took (outside the office) we spent a total of 5 weeks discussing these fascinating topics before we moved on to listening to really, incredibly bad Austrian folk music. (Disclaimer: I'm sure all Austrian music is neither always bad nor folk. It was just an unfortunate freak accident that both of those things came together during the lesson.) We shall see how it goes. I might just have to continue with classes outside the office, but I'll give the girl a chance.

I've not been at work for over a week. Surprisingly, people missed me. And told me so. I'm still in shock and cannot possibly talk about this, yet.

In other news, the Austrian President had two heart attacks yesterday.

That is all.

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