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Friday, July 23, 2004


I wanted to post last night about something smart, intriguing, theoretically sound, and super intelligent in my own philosophical way. I slept instead and all of the smarts drained out of me in my slumber.

I'm seriously considering getting a cat.

I'm late for work, but I'm sure no one will notice.

I'm not sure I understand the concept of long hair in the nearly unbearable summer heat. That means I think I should cut mine, but I'll chicken out and leave it long so I die of heat exhaustion.

I'm a little overly dramatic today. And the day's only just begun.

I have one freak fingernail that doesn't like to be as long at the other ones. That short one's the rebel kid. There's one in every bunch, right?

Did I mention I didn't sleep much? That might provide enough information to assure you that I'm not entirely crazy, just tired and stupid this morning. Although, on second thought, there's nothing reassuring me that I'm not crazy this morning, so why should I fake it?

Anyways, to the important stuff. I woke up this morning craving cold juice. This is important! I think that's some kind of sign. I think it means I'm thirsty. I have yet to drink any ice cold juice, just water and that wasn't fulfilling.

Oh! My friend sent me some of her black and white photos from when she was visiting. Let's just summarize here and say that they are... well... scary. One of them is actually named "me with troll". I'm not making this up folks. I just tell it how I see it. And that was kind of scary. The others, however, may give me nightmares. Like the ones that damn killer book is giving me!

Okay, it wasn't a nightmare...per se... but there was a serial killer terrorizing the city where I was in my dream last night. Of course, the cool bit is that I was sitting there with a few other people, at a cafe, as the Viennese are wont to do, and talking nonchalantly about this killer person that's been going around finding themselves some victims, taking them to the danube, and then...I've got to stop with that one, it's making me queasy. Anyways, we - couple friends some whom I actually know and some that obviously had to have been dream extras - were talking about this killer's MO and theorizing about it, and apparently while we were at the cafe, there was some news announcement that the killer had been caught. And the picture from the TV of the killer - Scary, but he looked alot like someone I know. And because it was dream world, I was moved to some other place with other people to carry out some other dream sequence. I don't get it either...

Oh the weirdest part about the dream? It was in German.

And now I will go to work. Late. Because I can.

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