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Friday, July 23, 2004

Childhood memories 

Someone just reminded me that I only ever liked one Care Bear when I was little. Can you see why?

He rocked. And check out that motto!

I was in the middle of a harmless discussion about star wars, which came from talking about KotoR because I got Tales of Symphonia today. Long story short - Star Wars talk boils down to one of my buddies telling me that the new ones are for kids, just like the old ones. And then he made a comment about Ewoks not being appealing to adults. When I disagreed, stating that ewoks are perhaps the best little creature in a movie - right up there with gremlins - he sarcastically said that he would place bets I liked the care bears too. And that's when I had to let fly that, no, I didn't like any of them. Well, except that one. But he's cute.


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