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Sunday, July 04, 2004


Munich. Exciting place. I can't wait to fall asleep tonight. The piano player at the restaurant downstairs is much better than the siren they hired to sing last night. But really, the accordion player that we saw while wandering around town today was much better than the guy downstairs at the ivory. Because I'm as smart as I am, I just found out this afternoon that the hotel we're staying at, it has wireless.

So at the city museum, they have this whole section of puppets and carnival gadgets and widgets. I almost had a heart attack when some skeleton puppets - set up to move with motion detectors - started dancing. And I recovered just enough to not drop dead when a super mini King Kong started moving in the corner. It's a good thing my heart isn't in bad condition, or at least it's a good thing that it wasn't in bad condition this afternoon in the museum. Wow.

Most of the puppets and carnival things were scary as hell. Why do adults think that kids would like most of those things? I don't think there was more than a small handful that I actually liked and about the same number of them that didn't scare me. They even had the mirrors that make you short and fat/tall and skinny. Thankfully, those didn't scare the begeesus outta me.

Tirol has a lot of benches on small backroads. There's also a lot of side-of-the-street-memorial-things with pictures of Jesus in them. The "Oh Jesus!" joke didn't get old all day, and we passed by at least 3 dozen of those things. Twice.

I think we're going to go find a place to watch the football finals and get some dinner. Hope the game isn't boring!

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