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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Waiting for Toast 

So while I'm waiting for bread to toast, I thought I'd do a quick blog entry because I didn't do one when I was awake yesterday. So it'll probable be short...

I'm curious. After the kitchen was installed, and then after I installed the sink myself, everyone who asked about my kitchen for the rest of the day asked only about 2 questions. The first was always, how's the kitchen? And the second had something to do with making them dinner. Soon. Why is this? I didn't make an extravagant dinner last night. If anything, I made more of an extravagant dinner tonight, albeit not in my new kitchen. But that's beside the point.

Hold please, must check toast.

Okay it's not done toasting yet. I'm not sure why this toasting device hates me, but it seems to take 10 minutes to toast bread for me. And for others, merely minutes. But this is okay, as it gives the amaretto sour I put in the freezer to chill more time to...well, chill. It's not a weak one either.

I've consumed more food and beverages in the past 4 hours than in the past 24 hours. Scary.

Anyways, I was thinking about going out tonight but have since been sidetracked by games. First Zelda and now Disgaea. I'd link but I don't think I have enough time before the bread is toasted to get a proper link. Disgaea is highly amusing. The weapon descriptors, in fact, the item descriptors are hilarious. So far haven't seen much of the game besides the tutorial, but I find it amusing and just off the basis of the item descriptors and the campy dialog, would say it would be worth buying. If only I had a PS2 of my very own. But we all know that won't happen, since I have proclaimed to pretty much everyone I know that it's a wretched console. (I think I've already mentioned that I'm an MS fan slave.)

Hold please, toast check.

Okay since it's still not done, I turned up the heat. Let's see how long it'll take to go from not-yet-toasted to burnt. Probably a matter of seconds.

Smoothies still have a handle on me. Thankfully I have no blender at home. Or it might get ugly. (Right, get ugly. Because right now it is just on the border of being ugly...)

Okay I give up on this whole waiting for the toaster. It's time to spread some butter.


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