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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Stop the Madness! 

Okay I went an entire three day weekend without that wretched game. And now when I close my eyes I see little colored squares. And if it wasn't for my headphones stuck on my ears right now, I would even hear the music from that awful game. And by awful I mean addictive. It's too bad I have one of those addictive personalities.

I'm having one of those frustrated, "No one is giving me information yet I'm somehow supposed to magically know what the hell is going on" moments. Something I'll have to learn to deal with, I know. But I'm frustrated as shit and just want to go home.

I also have the fantastic joy of 3 fucking people that are acting like my boss and all of them saying something entirely different than the others. So I have triple the work and no fucking clue which one to do first, so fuck it. I'll do what I was going to do in the first place and sod em. Really.

And then there's the let's all have a meeting and ask for things to talk about a week before, which is cool, except when the meeting is held, any points that I brought up via email prior to the meeting have become someone else's fantastic ideas. So stupid that this bothers me. Really.

I really don't like being here.


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