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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Stationary traveling 

So this morning, I woke up to something sounding like the titanic crashing into the building. Luckily I'm in a landlocked country and that just isn't at all possible. Apparently, construction workers like to bang on metal and throw large, heavy stones around here. This is good to know and something to keep in mind for the future.

I'm starving. And lazy. So not cooking. I might do that later, but the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer as the night wears on. I'm sitting on the couch listening to Norah Jones through one of my neighbor's stereos. Whoever they are, thanks, since it seems to be too much of a stretch for me to turn on my own stereo and put on an equally as depressing CD.

Ever feel like you just can't get anywhere? Nothing's happening...the wheels are spinning but they're just digging themselves deeper and deeper into the dirt road? You can put the pedal through the floor of the car, but that won't change the scenery? I put too much energy into things. And after a while, I start to realize that very little is changing or happening. There's less and less feedback. Less and less response. And it sucks. I can't even find a way to constructively change it. I can't do anything about it without ruining it all. How in the hell do I get into these situations? And how the fuck do I get out of them?

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