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Thursday, June 03, 2004

So I was super tired last night -- too tired to post anything. And I had to get up early today. So sleep took precedence over posting. Didn't have much anyways.

Who allowed this shipping date to slip? I was looking forward to my copy arriving next week. Not that it would make a huge difference because I haven't gotten the xbox modded yet, but still. It would have been nice.

So I'm being a bit antagonistic today. I know precisely why, but I can't quite figure out how to not be antagonistic at the moment. Perhaps a little time out and some thinking will help, but it won't change the attitude that greatly until I come to at least a pseudo-conclusion.

It's not possible to sit in this room at work and be able to actually concentrate on anything without being interrupted by people talking to me or near me. The only time I've managed this is when most of the room goes for lunch. And it's a shame that only lasts about an hour.

I figured out last night that I will have to continue to take german classes for at least one more year - to the tune of an additional 2000 euros on top of what I've spent already for them - before I can take the special exam that would allow me into a university class. Which isn't the entire point of the german classes, but an added side effect/bonus piece. On a side note, apparently the company is arranging a german teacher to come into the office to teach some german to the co-workers here that speak english as a first language. But we've been hearing that since last October, so I'm not all that convinced that there will be someone teaching a class before the end of the summer. Color me pessimistic... Of course, it could actually happen, and then I would be wrong - not the first time in my life, and certainly not the last I'm sure - and I would be happy about being wrong. I'm kind of curious how they'll set up classes, what with the levels of german comprehension so varied amongst all of the people that would be taking the class.

I have to wonder if summer is ever going to hit Vienna this year. I think we skipped it and went straight from a week or so of spring and we're straight back at fall, where it rains all the time and looks grey and gloomy and depressing. It makes me want to bake pumpkin pie and sit in front of a fireplace. Oh and eat the pie while sitting there. Or maybe cheesecake. Oooh, cheesecake. I miss cheesecake. Of course I probably wouldn't eat much of it if I could get a decent slice in Vienna, but since that's not even possible, I guess I'll have to suffer with an ice cream cup that tastes mostly like cheesecake. Except I mentioned that it's fall-type weather, so the ice cream is kind of hard to convince myself of. Maybe if it ever stops raining...ice cream.

Must pay attention to a friend. Will come back here later if I have time.

>>So I was super tired last night -- too tired to post anything. And I had to get up early today. So sleep too precedence over posting.<<

Haa haa! Now you know it feels! Thbpbht! :)
Bah. I skip a blog entry for one night citing sleep deprivation and early morning appointments and then get the "I told you so" line? Somehow, I think the scales are tipped, but I can't place my finger on why that might be...
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