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Sunday, June 27, 2004


Sitting around til about 3 in the afternoon for lack of any interesting things to go and do isn't that exciting on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon. Babysitting is still not exciting and not my thing. I'm still pretty bad at it. The trouble with weekends when you have no idea what to do is that you end up doing nothing.

So smoothies. I haven't reflected on them in a while. I haven't had one in a while either. But you know the worst part of it? I can make smoothies at my place. I can. I have the proper appliance now. Thanks, babe! But here's the absolute worst kicker. I don't have any fruit! Bad planning. Really. I'll fix that tomorrow. I have chocolate and soy milk and ice. That's so not enough for a fruit smoothie.

I'm supposed to go to the airport tomorrow and pick up another guest. I think I should have just sent everyone to a hotel. At least I wouldn't have to look after them or tell them to stop cleaning my fucking stovetop. I really wonder, does she think that I can't do any of this shit myself? Really? I mean, am I that irresponsible or unrefined or whatever? I mean, it might not be much, but in my 27 years I think I've learned how to clean a stovetop, or wash my own dishes properly.

And I have to repeat myself. Regularly.

I had a wretchedly frightening dream last night. I had a child. Well I didn't actually have it yet, it was still... yanno... not done. I don't know what that's supposed to mean in dream language. I'm not sure if I want to know. Really. I'm not good with kids, did I mention that already?

I've been watching a lot of the Euro Masters football tournament lately. I have to say that everyone that I wanted to make it to the semi finals did, except one team. But I am totally sick of hearing the theme song from Nelly Furtado by now. It's annoyingly bad. The Czech v. Denmark game just finished. And I liked it.

Oh I give up on trying to think of something interesting to say. Blah!

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