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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Psychologist for Sale! 

I've been quite the psychologist for the past three days. I didn't expect from myself that I would be able to explain the concept behind neurotranmission, neurotransmitter reuptake and catecholamine hormones and neurotransmitters. Not only those fascinating topics, but also the concept of chemical imbalance and the effects of chemicals on the brain, and then there's the homeostasis tendencies of the brain and body.... Wow. That degree was pretty well retained. Or at least the information was. I've impressed myself.

So I know most of the inner workings of wellbutrin XL - antidepressant, which is a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor - and have explained the concept of "the brain is ever changing in its own structure" and that this is its tendency, or rather its job. And all explanations without a whole lot of negative connotations to words just to keep from making something sound bad, or scary, or unhealthy. Stupidly, I sent a link to explain a neurotransmitter and failed to catch this sentence
Although it functions normally to reward vital activities such as eating and sex, this same mechanism is also responsible for the craving connected with addiction to drugs, cocaine for example.
in time. So I had to back pedal a little bit. But it was salvageable.

I'm someone's champion. Sometimes. And I don't need to be. You know how you can talk to a friend for a while about something and they aren't happy with another friend... you may find yourself sticking up for the one you're talking about... Yeah, I did that last night.

Just the other day I was talking with someone about relationships. What's essential in a relationship, and what elements are tied together? Took us a while to get to the point of it. And it took us a while to come to our own contented peace with the discussion, but it happened.

Somewhat related, levels of intellectuality. (If that's not a word yet, I just made it one for my own ease of reference.) Can you have a conversation with someone who is on a different level, intellectually, than you? I contend, and did during the discussion, that not only is this possible, it's practically required. The basis for the near requirement is that it's very difficult to find someone who is on the same or even near the same level as yourself intellectually. A lot of elements influence your intellectual being, a lot of elements influence you as a human being, and since no one shares their experiences the exact way they experienced them, it's difficult to imagine that anyone can ever really be equal with levels of ... I'm not explaining this right.

Basically, there's no one that is anyone's exact equal on any level. But people still find a way to communicate on those uneven levels. Yeah.

I can't be philosophical anymore. Or psychological, or whatever. It's fucking boiling in this room and it's cooler outside, so I'm going to go get a beer and have a chat. And then get some sleep.

I'll take offers if anyone's interested in purchasing some time from a non-practicing psychologist.

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