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Thursday, June 24, 2004

The news is disturbing 

So, there's discrimination, and then there's discrimination. Yeah, that happened yesterday.

Raise your hand for administering tests to people before they can legally be allowed to breed! As it stands, some really fucked up people are making the news for their parenting approaches.

Easy way to get people out of the US?

MSN 0: Google 1 Nice try guys.

I've been listening to the Pogues for the past couple of days while at work. I'm waiting for my order from amazon.co.uk - it's got two Pogues albums. So that just means I'll keep listening to them, I guess. I don't know why I keep ordering from amazon.co.uk. They take a bit longer than the duration of the ice age to ship my purchases. Yet I persist.

It was moving day at the office today. I'm probably pretty lucky in that what I was to do today was read research. So I didn't need my desk to be fully functional for the majority of the day. Drawbacks for moving - everyone seems to want to check out the new digs of everyone in the room. And then there's the habit of standing around in the middle of the room talking about who's moving where and when and what kind of table they'll have and if they'll get to coil their own cables... Very interesting stuff. And essentially, it kills productivity in a way that nothing else can really touch.

So I have my new camera. And my new mini. I haven't done anything with the ipod, yet. I charged it, but I didn't have the time or energy to install software. Tonight probably. But my camera is superduper cool! I like it. Yay!

Time to go snack on something for lack of anything interesting to say.

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