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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Movie Sunday 

So I took a break from playing that horribly addictive blocks game with a friend to see The Day After Tomorrow. How super cheesy, Hollywood can one film get? It just reminded me a lot of that 'era' where all the super cheesy type of films came out nearly all at once. Or they came out all around the same time in my memory - which is good enough for me. But I mean those ones like Independence Day, and that other horrible film that I can't remember right now, and that other one.... But the point is that they all had the same plot. At least The Day After Tomorrow isn't one of those "the aliens are coming to get us!" or "Oh look at the huge meteor headed our way!" but one of those plots where it's a 'stop burning fossil fuels' kind of stories.

Meh. It was okay. I mean not spectacular, but not horrible.

So after going for bagels and not getting one this morning (really it was already afternoon, but my morning) I went and sat in the sunshine, even though the weather forecast predicted partly cloudy for today. And the good news (somehow) is that I heard it was supposed to be something like 30 by Wednesday. Umm, ok. It was about 10 yesterday. Must be global warming. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I went for a drink at the old AKH to bitch. That's right. And bitch I did. But thankfully, it wasn't only me. (Which made the commiserating that much better, really.)

So after the bitching stopped, (There really is a point where you just feel like enough has been bitched about.. I swear.) there was a visitor for a little bit who, upon leaving, made my companion rather ticked. This lead to the quick evacuation of the sunshine, which was a good plan since it started pouring down rain when we got inside, and a few hours of the addictive block game. (I should find out the name of that stupid game so I can link to it sometime, but that's not the point at the moment.)

What troubled me today during the bitching and the commiserating, was that sometimes you just can't help but feel totally helpless. Even being sympathetic doesn't feel like it's of any use. I ran into that brick wall today. I wanted to be able to do something to help, which I know just wasn't possible. And once that realization hit, I wanted to be able to say something to make it better, or at least not so... unhappy. But there's just some times where there's nothing to be done, and nothing that can be said. How bothersome is that? Hm. Well I guess just being there could make it slightly better, but it doesn't feel like it does much.

I should do some research and find a hotel for the wedding at the beginning of July, and reserve a car and blah blah. Maybe tomorrow or Tuesday.

Okay I just got a snack, time to eat...

After rereading this entry, I've noticed that I'm really fond of parentheticals.

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