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Friday, June 25, 2004

Medical and Report 

Note to self: More than 4 hours of sleep is better than only 4 hours of sleep. The left pointer finger tingling came back this morning. But to a lesser degree. And I have a spot on the back of my hand. It hurts. And a bruise on my knee - but that was from a close encounter with a desk corner.

Late nights talking about things that are a little draining is not the best plan in the world. I'll keep that in mind for the rest of the weekend. I don't think I'll be pursuing anymore late night discussions again. I don't think I even pursued the one last night. It just happened. Not sure what to do this weekend. I am not good at playing tour guide and I don't feel like a tourist so I can't really get into the whole 'wander around the city and see cool stuff' thing. I don't think I want to gather a bunch of people together to hang out and do nothing exciting. If the weather clears up, maybe some napping in the sunshine at the park would be a good idea. If I could play frisbee, I would consider bringing my frisbee with, but I think that would be more dangerous for everyone else than fun for me. I feel like I have a child to look after. So I'm a bit uneasy. I'm not very good with kids.

I've only had two coffees since I got to work today, and I'm still falling asleep at pretty regular intervals.

Wow. Why is everything always my fault?

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