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Thursday, June 03, 2004

A Little Late Night Writing 

Take 2. (Yes, I started this blog entry already. Must learn to not accidentally press mouse buttons on laptop while trying to type lying in bed.)

After a long and serious discussion with a friend tonight, I needed a lighthearted evening with useless banter or non-thinking moments. So my plan to go see the new Harry Potter film with a few co-workers was not in vain and served me quite well. Not a bad film. It's a shame that they glossed over some of the finer parts of the book, though.

I had a small stopover at my flat between leaving the office and going to the movie. It was not nearly long enough, but I still enjoyed it. I played a little Puyopop, but after a few minutes I realized it wasn't going well for me tonight, so I put in P.N. 03 instead and played that for a while. I seem to remember having saved with a lot more progress the last time I played, but those saves must be on my brother's memory card. I hope he enjoys those. I don't think P.N. 03 is quite as bad as gamespot's review would lead one to believe. But what would I know anyways. The animations look good at least.

The kitchen is going to be set up tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll want to leave after it's all put in, but I suppose I might go to the office if it doesn't take all day for the nice installation people to do their job. I have this feeling I'll probably want to cook at home tomorrow. Odd.

So at the end of the month I'll have two guests from the states here. I don't know what to think of this yet, since I was really only prepared for one, and I still don't know what to do with three people sleeping in my flat when there's really barely enough sleeping surfaces for two. I'll deal with that later, I suppose. At least there'll be a kitchen! They will both be happy about that.

I feel like being obtuse.

I have this thing that's kind of bothering me. Let's use a hypothetical situation to explain it, maybe draw some analogies out since I like those so much. Say I have this membership at a fitness center (no, I don't - not yet...). And I go to the fitness center and do what people do at those places, but when I go, no one else is there and I don't really know how to, let's say, use a particular weight machine. So I kind of just start using it, but in my very own way. After a few visits, I'm pretty sure that, while it's doing 'something' for me, I'm just not using the machine properly. And by properly I mean - like everyone else. Other people get something else out of this machine than I do. Which is perfectly fine and good, but I can't really help but wonder how I should go about changing my own approach. Or if I should change my approach. To compound the issue, I still don't know how other people use it, exactly. I mean, do I just guess at another approach and try that for a while? Should I ask the other fitness club members, or maybe one of the trainers (or whatever those people that work at those places are officially called...)? Perhaps I could carry on in the same fashion I've been doing and get different results than everyone else. Maybe even results that I would be better off getting from another machine...I think I'd likely end up asking one of those people that works there. I'll get around to that after some sleep.


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