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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Ignorance is Bliss 

I'm ignoring the fact that I'm frustrated with work.


Debates are apparently ongoing about whether or not the president of the good ole U.S. of A. is a twit or not. I thought this matter was already solved?

Moving on...So how bout that tornado? Surely doesn't look all that fun. I was in a tornado once. The house I was in didn't get blown away though, so my story pales in comparison to most of the people that live in the midwest these days. But I did hear the tornado sirens in Minnesota. For a few hours. From the basement of my mom's college friend's house. I was about 9, so it scared the begeesus outta me. We passed the time by shooting pool and playing pinball. Houses in the midwest are so much cooler than the ones in CA. There's basements in the midwest, usually filled with games and entertainment devices, like pool tables or pinball machines or the like. At my childhood home we only had a pool table...in the garage. It seems so uncool, really.

Both my grandparents' houses had basements. I used to spend practically my entire vacations in those places. For some reason both of my grandmothers thought they should save every glass jar they ever owned and store them all in the basement. I made a lot of glass pyramids with those and only broke a few. My grandma Soggy - mom's mom - had small pie tins. Where in the world the woman found these or got these from, I have no idea. But she had a million or so. And I think that's a pretty conservative estimate. They weren't really fun to play with. But at least they didn't break easily and small pieces of tin aren't nearly as painful when lodged into the bottom of one's foot as say...glass. Yeah. That was fun.

My mom apparently tried to make an ice skating rink in her basement when she was little. At least that's what my grandma told me once. She and her two brothers cleared out the basement of every piece of furniture, lined the floor with plastic (hello!?), took a hose from the garden and turned the sucker on. They flooded the place with a couple cm's of water before my grandpa came down into the basement and put a stop to their fun. Oh, did I mention it was during a december storm that they decided to do this?

As it stands, I have no cool basement stories from my childhood. And all because I was cursed to grow up in Sunny California. BORING!

We did have the fun of a halfpipe in the backyard though. My dad was nice enough to build a halfpipe for my brothers since both of them skated far too much for their own good. It's kind of like a basement. In a way.



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