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Saturday, June 12, 2004


I think I should stop reading any significant amount of literature on a laptop screen. Especially one that is as small as my laptop's screen. I started to notice last night when I was doing just that, that if I didn't keep my eyelids at a certain level while reading, the text went fuzzy. It's happening again tonight. Am I losing my perfect vision? Hopefully it will be a temporary thing. I hope I won't have to say something like "well my hindsight is 20/20 but I can't see jack shit anymore!" Okay the fuzziness hasn't gone away yet. Maybe I should up the resolution for a couple of days to see if that helps. Eh. Maybe tomorrow if this fuzziness comes back.

Along the same lines of random weird shit happening to me, I woke up two days ago with ... well this'll be fun to explain. So, you know if you have something akin to frostbite, or nearly frostbite, or well... really cold hands? Yeah well, when that happens to me, my fingers go white. That's right. No blood. White. Creepy Casper the Ghost white. Which by the way is an entirely different shade than my normal, everyday transparent, Irish white skin tone. That's perfectly normal and okay. The white fingertips from the cold... that's not okay. And it's usually accompanied by a loss of tactile sensation, but that's not entirely true in that the fingertips kinda feel a little tingly when you touch them. Yeah. Pins and needles. And it's usually just the fingertip - up to the first knuckle. So anyways...

I woke up two days ago with this weird cold fingertip sensation in my left index finger that covered about half the size of my fingernail, but it wasn't cold. And it wasn't asleep. And the creepy bit is that the sensation stayed. All day. And I woke up yesterday with the same thing. What's that all about? This morning it seemed to have vanished. Amazingly. But this afternoon, weirdly enough, it came back, but only on a very small area. And typing with this non-sensation is odd. But, typing with this odd sensation AND having fuzzy vision is freaking me out!!

Yeah that's right. TWO exclamation marks. That's thanks to the level of freakiness.

And it was to make a point. But nevermind.

Oh and today, yeah... I was let loose in The Body Shop. Bad idea. Really bad idea. I wanted to buy cuticle cream. Hello? Yeah. What in the hell do I need that for? My cuticles don't need to be moisturized with a special solvent from a cute little container from that damn store. Really! Thankfully, I was lassoed and put into my corral with only half of the value of products as the last nightmare (read as "solo trip") there.

Believe it or not, the eyesight is de-fuzzing. I may not have to make a doctor's appointment afterall. Hooray for - umm whatever is making my vision correct itself!

And now, before my back wigs out (I can feel it coming!), I'm going to shut off my laptop and try to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of semi snoring.

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