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Monday, June 14, 2004

A case of the Monday's! 

What in damnation is wrong with my left index finger?

It's tingling again.

Alert the presses. Someone.

On a completely related note, I read about Otto and Karl today. You should, too. I also slept for about 3 minutes last night. It was a solid plan, well executed, and has left me miserably useless. Someone has a serious case of the Mondays! And it's me. Coffee hasn't even worked. At least my eyes aren't taking a vacation when I'm trying to focus on my screen. I shouldn't say write things like that when I know very well that they might just go bonkers on me at any second here. Wait, there they g...oh they're back. Okay.

The sun is out, it's a beautiful day. What I wouldn't give to be laying around in the park and sleeping. Or sleeping in a bed. Or sleeping on the floor. My chair isn't that uncomfortable, I might just take a nap right here. Someone will wake me if I start snoring, I'm sure. And if not, well, that'd be too bad.

The only thing that's keeping me awake is the seriously focused energy that I've rounded up from somewhere to keep reminding myself that I can go home and sleep sooooooon. But not soon enough. And the reminder hits every minute or so. Otherwise I'd be nodding off much more often.

I think I ate something bad for lunch. In case you were wondering.

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