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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Brave New World. Nearly. 

There was a small plot of land across the street from grandma's. A small forest. It had a little stream trickling through it during the searing heat of the summer months when, inevitably, I would have the opportunity to wander around in solace. It was the only safe place for an 8 year old trying to avoid her overbearing and usually rambunctious brothers. Everywhere I looked, motes danced on streams of sunlight that weaved through the branches of the trees. Antlers hovered near thin tree trunks, swaying atop bucks heads in a rhythmic tempo. Big brown eyes glanced casually around the forest and dismissed any disturbance with a nose twitch. Finches chatted amongst themselves in the tree tops, their chirps echoing off the uneven bark of the saplings. A quiet symphony of trickling water clashed with rustling leaves and wind-disturbed branches.

"DINNER!" yelled from a mere 15 meters away, yet beyond any sight. The beginnings of the adventure of a little girl into a magical forest postponed until another day.

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