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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bob and Martha sitting in a tree... 

So instead of just having Martha moments today, (Yes there was one, but I don't want to talk about it. I'm scarred for life.) I dreamed of having Bob Vila moments. Yeah the Bob Vila that does all of the Do-It-Yourself stuff around his house. He even has a TV show. I figure if I work it right, I could have one too, but I wouldn't call it the Bob Vila show.

Monster headache has prevented me from doing major house repairs. Well the headache and the fact that there's not really any major house repairs to do. And then there's the part where I couldn't be vertical for more than half the day because it hurt the noggin too much. So I guess drilling or hammering was totally out of the question for a number of good reasons. None of which included me being not "Bob Villa-ish" enough. Cuz I can do that. I dig power tools.

I guess I should give in and take some sort of medicamation for this massive achiness I have here. But I'm being stubborn. I'm starting to think that being stubborn isn't helping. But why help yourself?

Right? Right.

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