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Monday, May 31, 2004


So I went to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 tonight. Recommendable. In a serious way. I really liked it. Very campy cheesy humor in some bits, but better than that, I like the way it looked. I seem to be very into that kind of movie quality lately. I said nearly the same thing about Lost in Translation, 21 grams, and Mystic River. I think I even said it about Hellboy. I should get a new line...

I'm awaiting my copy of Fable. It hasn't shipped yet. Yes I know it's not released anywhere. I don't care. I still want it. Soon. As in now. I'm also awaiting the xbox version of Thief3 so I can check it out. I'm such a console snob supporter that I don't really want to check out Thief unless it's on an xbox. I guess I'm worse than just a console supporter.... I'm a Microsoft slave. But I've made my peace with that already, so I can at least sleep at night.

I have to say, the dialog in Thief3 that I'm hearing right now is actually pretty funny in one of those ...speak...very...slowly...and...precisely...in...a...stupid...voice kind of ways.

Laundry still isn't completely done yet, but started with an absurd amount to do in the first place, so having only a little left is a pretty large accomplishment. Yay me.

Don't have much to blabber blog about today, really. I know that my kitchen is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. The nice people will bring it to me soon. And I'll give them an arm to pay for it. The installation folk will get the leg... Beyond that not very exciting update, I spent a couple hours sitting in the park today in the sunshine. That's right. It appears the folks responsible for the weather in this city have seen fit to allow some sunshine and sort of spring/summer like conditions. Considering it's June now, I have to say.... It's about damn time.

And now I'm going to go back on my word and watch some Thief3 on the PC. I'll sleep better knowing I'm not just a Microsoft slave...right?

Oh before I go through the hell of publishing... Bookworm update.

I have somewhere around 6.5 million. I'm still cool. But I haven't gotten 20,000 points for one word, like someone else. (ahem.) Yet!

PS Typos are the fault of the powerbook. Not me.

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