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Thursday, May 13, 2004

**Update - Sanity is important. Cooking everyday is out of the ordinary and can therefore be construed as insane!

Now back to the regular post.**

I'm definitely going to have to go see a doctor soon if this lunch making thing keeps up. I'm starting to worry for my health. Or more to the realistic point, my sanity. Made Tacos today. Of the vegan variety. They were good. Not spicy enough though. The salsa that is supposed to be 'hot' from the grocery store downstairs is... well, not. Pretty much what I had expected - stuff in a tortilla with some other stuff added in that wasn't cooked. Tough to mess up, I think.

Speaking of food, I think I could use a snack. Maybe a smoothie. Wait. Maybe I should lay off the smoothie freaky-ness for a little while. Almost been 7 days straight with one every single day. And yes, I've already had one today. But I have M&M's now, and could possibly make them so much cooler with candies! I have Skittles, too. I want a smoothie where I can taste the rainbow! Or just use really bad advertising lines to make stupid jokes.

[bad bad segue]
Coffee tomorrow before work. Lecker. Maybe even bagels!
[/bad bad segue]

So apparently there's some kind of conference in the States about games. I can't be bothered to collect all the links and be nice and put them here for my hugely vast (yet rather self sufficient, if I do say so myself) readership. (That would be accounted for by me, and then there's you, sometimes.) So I'll sum up. I want Half Life 2. But want even more... Halo 2. Now. kthx. Gameplay videos of HL2 can be found everywhere. The internet is easy to navigate. You can do it!

I feel like going out tonight and having loud obnoxious conversations and laughing a lot. Yet, I have to go home and see what kinda of things I need to take with me this weekend. And at some point I should call Red. Some Point. Whenever I get around to being home where I can use my landline and she might be somewhere near her phone, cell or otherwise. The 9 hour difference is a bit difficult to take into account when the brain doesn't actually bother with remembering that.

Had a weird dream last night. Was with a bunch of people from work. There was lots of talking, entertaining talking, lots of liquor (or what appeared to be liquor), talk about a bet that someone had made about a sporting event.... And one of our Designers was smoking. Which he doesn't do. The talk about a bet was likely linked to the conversations that I've had with aforementioned designer about a bet we had between us about a year ago that whichever one didn't come to the office the next day in a corset owed the other a pole dance. Unfortunately, we both showed up in a corset. No pole dances. Maybe next time.

Must go away from the concrete box and remember what the outside world looks like. And pack for the weekend!

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