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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tragedy Strikes 

Never. I repeat, Never, use oranges in smoothies unless you want to chew the smoothie. There's no way to get the damn pulp out either. It's impossible. There's some magical chemical reaction that occurs when you make a smoothie that doesn't allow for ever separating the ingredients from each other. Ever again. Now that I know this, I won't ever do it again. Promise. Really. It was almost bad enough to make me want to not make another. I think I've even turned someone off of smoothies with this mishap! Oh dear god, what have I done?? Because of that unfortunate happening, I've made two batches of smoothies tonight. The first a complete and utter failure with traces of stupidity. The second, well let's just say not that much better. It's hard to make a good smoothie when all you have is frozen raspberries and an apple left (after an orange extravaganza). No jogurt, no ice cream, no other exotic fruits, just raspberries and an apple, plus orange juice and strawberry juice. But let's face it, when the majority of the smoothie is already destined to be of the berry variety....does one really need strawberry juice, as well? I think not. Now I have a step above raspberry jam. Cold raspberry jam. If there was bread, I'd make some toast and use it as a spread. Okay I'm exaggerating a little, but understandably so, I think. Bad smoothies are detrimental to the thinking processes. And coordination goes right out the window as well. Take it from me. I've just lived through the experience. Barely.

But the good news is that I'm not put off of smoothies just yet. It'll take more than a bad orange mishap to ruin my thirst for the tasty beverages!

So onto bigger and brighter successes. Oh one more mess up and then we'll talk about the positive things. Today was German Wednesday. I wasn't so good at that. Especially not as good as I was last week with it.

German class was good tonight. We learned stuff that I can't remember and the class was finished not more than 4 hours ago. Yay me! We also spent loads of time on one exercise, but this time it was totally worth it. Reading comprehension and I get along really well. Sentence construction and I aren't really on speaking terms at the moment, and Grammar and I are getting along better this week, but Grammar's really fickle and could turn on me next week.

I'm super excited to see Red in a month. (Give or take a week or so.) Should be nice to see her again and spend some time relaxing. I'll have to take some time off work while she's here. Or she can hang out and entertain herself while I slave away the days. Am supposed to go to a wedding - or at least that's how I understood the conversation with the mother last weekend - at the beginning of July. Mother wants to go, which means she'll be visiting for a week before the wedding. She wants Red to come along. This is all great. I like it. What concerns me here is that I live in a flat suitably big enough for... well... me. This whole situation would require Red and Mother to stay at my place at the same time. I have one bed, one couch, one loveseat. None of us would fit on the loveseat for sleeping. Red volunteered to take the couch. Mother must have bed. I sleep elsewhere? Now that's a pretty solid plan. Except for the fact that Mother would likely give me shit. Relentlessly. I've survived worse I suppose. And I'd be comfortable. And she'd have a bed to sleep in. Sounds good to me.

Have fully embarked on cooking crazy journey. Made strudel for lunch today. Not one, but three. Was pretty tasty, I think. I am contemplating a menu for tomorrow's lunch hour. There's gotta be something that I can make. Am totally loving this whole cooking thing. Miss kitchen. Must put a proper one into my flat or risk going completely insane. And I don't think I can afford to be committed at the moment, rent and all, so I'll have to get right on that whole kitchen installation thing.

Foot fell asleep. Pins and needles.

Had a good talk on the way to German class today, was a lot of complaining, between the two of us about everything, but nothing that mattered. Made us both feel so much better, just to vent for a bit. The beer last night was pretty good. Among other things talked about a work problem and discussed some suggestions that might help the situation. Must have another talk when suggestions are discussed at the office. Need to know if the suggestions are of any value.

Found out last night that one of my favorite bartenders in the city very well may have a different name than the one I've been calling him for about 4 months. Feel smart. Should ask bartender to clarify, but that takes far too much effort.

Something totally unrelated. Somewhat related to sexy parts on a man's body - scent. I'm addicted.

I seem to say write that a lot lately.

Must finish raspberry jam and be entertained.

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