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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Today started out as a really good day. Lounging in bed after a really good sleep is my idea of the best thing you can do on a Saturday morning. I even agreed (probably stupidly) to sign up at a fitness center. Will report back when there's something to report about. To make it even better, add bagels for brunch. And so that's what I did. I had the usual bagel combination. Two plain bagels, one with hummus (lecker!) and one with tomato-basil-and-some-other-stuff-spread. Small caffee latte is always good as a dose of caffeine, and they make a mean latte. I skipped the freshly squeezed oj today, but really shouldn't have. The super good food was followed by a walk through a photo exhibit in front of the Museums Quartier - Earth From Above. All I have to say about that whole thing is:


I had already wandered around the exhibit but not all of it. And it's goddamn cool.

Pause for a beverage at a cafe in the Museums Quartier, and the pause in the sunshine lasts about 3 or 4 hours. I had fun trying to read through fun brochures in German. Conclusion = my memory sucks. Really. I didn't think it was really that bad, but it's become evident that trying to remember words that I learned this past week proved to be one of the most difficult things to do today. Not that the day was all that stressful, but still. I was considering going for ice cream, but decided against it.

So now there's the "what to do tonight" debate. In absolutely no particular order, here are the options. Hockey, to watch the Austrians (hopefully) cream the Germans. Prater, to go to "the last show" that's supposed to be one of the best to see, although might not be so good in an open air setting. Bar, to meet up with some people for some beer. Home, to play and do laundry - something I badly need to do, but require more cleaning supplies. Movies, to see 21 grams, which is really good. Something else....that I don't know about yet.

Tomorrow, really wanna go see Bitesnich at the KunstHausWien. It's the second to last weekend of the exhibit and I have been wanting to go see it since before it opened here. Hopefully, I'll remember that tomorrow and make it there.

I can't believe it's already 19.20h. Damn, I'll have to make a decision about the evening's activity pretty quick here. But at least it's really feeling like summer these days - at 1920 the sun hasn't set yet. Loving it!

On another note, welcome to the EU to the newest 10 countries.

As a side note.... German TV preachers are scary looking. There's no need to qualify this statement with any kind of explanation.

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