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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Three day weekends are cool. Even better...normal length weekends that are just cool. Fun. Relaxing. Unstressful. Ahh, the good life! Okay, so that was super corny, but I feel like being corny at the moment. So let me be.

Nothing of great importance happened over the weekend. There was no life changing event or massively important appointment or meeting. It was to an outside observer probably rather bland and uneventful. And that's true. Can't argue. But it was still quite awesome. An entire Saturday of super relaxed, undemanding time spent with people that I like talking to. Amazingly cool. Last night, a good hockey game to watch, where sadly my predictions about Germany losing fell flat (but that's another story), and a good movie to watch... I even made some headway with Bookworm.

Today was almost a duplicate Saturday. Lounged around in bed for a while, but didn't make any promises about a fitness center this time. (Learned my lesson yesterday, I did.) Went for some lunch with friends in the afternoon... ran over to the KunstHaus for the Bitesnich exhibit, which was really really cool. There are a ton of photographs of his that I really like. Most of them are black and white. I'm not such a big fan of the color prints. They seem to be in color for no apparent reason, and it's the contrast of the black and grays and white that I like so much. It's really usually such a strong contrast that it's just abrasive enough to be so eye catching. Had some coffee, not the best but still drinkable, and some cool conversation.

Was supposed to meet for coffee at a really nice cafe, which apparently closes early on Sundays so instead made an effort to beat the 1,049,000+ high score set in Bookworm. I'm not far off. Somewhere around 800,000 or so, I think.

Since I haven't been to a show in a while, went to Flex to see Backyard Babies. Good show. Swedish, rockers, long hair, bandanas, guitar riffs, and a drummer with a typically "Scandinavian" look. Very cool. Met some interesting people and had a beer in the almost-but-not-yet-summer-night by the canal.

All in all, nothing impressively huge, but super fun and laid back.

Feeling pretty good about a comment that I heard earlier.....bit more comfortable and content with things... hard to explain while trying to be cryptic. I'll try blunt. I've been kind of worried the past week that I was basically putting a lot of hope into something that might work out if the stars aligned properly because I wasn't really sure there was another way for things to work out. But the comment made it clear that the stars don't need to align. I just need to make sure I pay attention to everything and work on things that need working on...and work on my own things myself. Blah. Too hard to be cryptically blunt.


Time for noodle soup. And a movie. Or game. Or Bookworm competition. Still need to order some books, and beg for someone (ahem) to preorder Sudeki on play.com for me.

la la la

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