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Sunday, May 23, 2004

So I was productive again today. Until about 5 when I went to meet a friend for coffee, and that was the end of the line for the busy weekend. I totally impressed myself. But really spent some time wondering how much more stuff I could have done on those weekends in the past where I just sat on my ass the entire time, barely moving from the living room. Such memories made me feel like a bit of a sloth.... the 3-toed kind. They're kinda slow. Sometimes I am, too. But sometimes, I'm turbocharged. I can't make up my mind, but that's normal for a girl, right?

I just read a German article. Don't ask me what it was about. Reading Comprehension and I are still friends, but it was a cover story for the magazine and it was a lot of reading. And I can't be bothered to sum up, mostly because I'm super lazy. Have learned some cool new vocab tho! Like, oh for the zahlreiche(th) time, enough already! ha ha! Didn't ever bother to think to look up the word 'umpteen' but am glad I found it today. How amusing. It's almost as cool as laecherlich and ananas. But ananas is funner to say. (And I really know that 'funner' is totally not a real word, but ignore that for the moment.) Unartig is fun to say too. But ananas still takes the cake. I don't even really like pineapples that much, actually.

My picture wall kicks ass. It looks super cool. I totally had a brilliant idea with that whole thing. (Does someone need a pat on the back?) But now I need to go get more picture frames and get some more prints made. The entire wall will be covered in pictures soon! Ha ha! (It would be so much cooler if I could convey the wicked evil cackle via blog, but alas, I fear that is not possible with text. Boohoo.)

I totally failed at one thing this weekend. I was going to go check out the fitness place. I didn't. I'm really a sloth, aren't I? Well, maybe next weekend....

Okay, what's the deal with the skittles? I have a bag sitting nearby. I usually get two at a time - don't ask why, it's really an obsessive compulsive kind of answer - and the last four times I've gotten a pair of skittles they've been orange. I think this bag is broken and only has orange. It's not even half gone!

Ahh the troubles in life. Aren't they horrendous?


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