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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Oh if only I could learn to not change pages on my Firebird while using the laptop, my blog wouldn't be so boring the second.... Grrr. I mean third time around. Hope I can remember everything I've written twice.

Mother's Day, today. Good thing I already ordered flowers to be delivered to mom. I hope she likes them. I'll have to give her a call so I can wish her a Happy Mother's Day in person.... or at least as in person as I can get while living on the other side of the world from her.

I had hoped to be able to go to the park today with some friends to lounge around on the grass in some sunshine. The plan was going swimmingly until a massive thunderstorm rolled in 30 minutes before we were to meet. And of course I had a great idea to go for a walk just before the raining started, so when I was about 2 blocks from the building it started raining. I thought it would settle down and stop soon enough so kept walking and then the torrential downpour began when I was about 15 minutes from home. Not my brightest move today, but I suppose next time I go for a walk during the next week I'll check the weather online first. When I finally got home, my jeans looked like I'd just gotten them out of the washing machine and put them on and my hair was of course dripping wet. Thankfully, I had let my hair dry completely after a shower this morning so it was totally dry when I left, and I got to do the drying thing again when I got back.

So instead of the park, we hung out at the friend's flat for the afternoon and chatted about this and that. Made some plans for dinner sometime soon at vegetasia, and then left after a couple hours to come home and nap before playing some games. Of course, when I got home I didn't nap and didn't play any games, rather I did some cooking and shopping online at ikea to see if I could buy some bits and pieces of furniture for my flat that I think I should get sometime soon. I'd like to take a look at a new Cube game I was going to buy but someone else bought for me (thanks, babe), but I don't know if I'll get around to that until after the phone call home to mom.

And now it's time to catch up with an old friend online that I haven't talked to in AGES. It's good to see and talk to people online that I haven't heard from in a while.

PS If links are broken - it's so not my fault.

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