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Friday, May 14, 2004

Lazy Linking Lady 

It's amazing, the speed at which a day flies past you when you have things to do and not an entire day to do them all. I didn't even manage to have enough time to cook today. It looks like I might have slipped out of the cooking obsession, if even for just the weekend. But I'm looking forward to good food, prepared by someone else this weekend. I'm sure they have smoothies, but I might have to take a break for a while.

Links, in no particular order of usefulness or newsworthiness (because I can't think of anything to write that would be quick and easy).
Smoking kills.
This took too long to come to fruition.
The Brits are keen at starting 'em off young and keeping 'em in debt longer.
Where the hell did this come from?
No witty comment.
Flyers losing, but Flames winning. This is a Good Thing. Many Flyers fans would say that the Flyers were a "fucking disgrace" in the third game. Since they lost (badly, I might add), I would tend to default to their comments/opinions as I'm not lucky enough to have any access to Stanley Cup playoff games, let alone highlights.
Physicists run amok with photons. No scissors, so it's safe.
I've always wondered about this.
If you're bored. Or curious.
Waichowski news.
Nuclear annihilation in the most entertaining form.
By the way, if you're having trouble sleeping, try playing this game. This is the long awaited cure for insomnia.

Okay only a little time left before I have to run away, so I think I should go back to attempting to be productive at the office.

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