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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

In case some people weren't aware of it, www.wien.at is the slowest site ever. And even though I already know this, I insist on attempting to use it, for some obscure and not-fully-understood reason. I just want a time estimate for public transport! Online. That's all. There has to be some place to find this that isn't that molasses filled site. And I know that there's at least one person on the planet that knows where I could go for that. This plea might be poorly timed, as the entire world doesn't read my blog... yet. I'll send out a memo via fax and maybe hand out some fliers or something. Someone has to know some site.

Onto something a bit less desperate... I'm addicted to smoothies. And this is a Bad Thing. (I so wanted to just superscript a TM there, but no.) At least I'm getting more fruits and vegetables per day. So I guess this could make it a Good Thing.

Cooked lunch at work today. Nothing fancy, just some pasta and garlic bread. Probably killed some plants with the stench of garlic, but it tasted pretty good, so I don't really mind so much about the plants. Nearly took over the entire kitchen with crazy cooking speed and utensils + (mit) cooking receptacles. (Ignore the (mit). I can't possibly explain.) Almost completely forgot about the bread, so it was a little more crispy than intended, but really, I don't mind so much. I had really forgotten that I like to cook. I should do it more often. Maybe some strudel later this week. Lecker!

Politics: George was honest. I guess there's a first time for everything. But I still don't believe the claim that he told the commission everything they wanted to know. It was a secret meeting fer fuck's sake. Yeah politics aren't all that great, so I'll let that go.

In case you didn't know... coders make funny coder sounds. That's all there is to say about that.

That new Cube game that I mentioned a while ago... Not bad, not bad at all! Completely unrelated to the game itself - I have to complain about the d-pad on the Cube controller because it's not oriented at only 90 degrees. Down is not always Down. It can be down and left or down and right...This makes tetris like puzzle-y games a bit not so fun until you master the 'Down is Down' concept and can execute it properly. This may or may not take some time, depending on your skill levels. I haven't mastered it yet and I played for about 45 minutes. Learning curve for me today is a little steep. I'll give it a go tomorrow and hope that the learning curve's slope becomes a little less extreme.

Beer tonight. Talk. A smoothie. And relaxing. Good plans, so far.

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