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Monday, May 17, 2004

I can't quite pin down exactly why, but this makes me think that the industry will never make a game without an unrealistically proportioned, big-busted, tiny waisted, and stupid female lead character.

I have so much more I could ramble on about this whole 'e3 chix' topic, but I'm afraid I'd annoy myself.

Was late to work today. An hour. Not a small amount. And I have to leave at 17.30h because of German class. And I've just realized I haven't done my homework yet. Ich rocke! Yeah. Right.

I wanna go see a movie this week. Not sure if I can go see the one that I really wanna see - Coffee and Cigarettes - because I'm sure it's not out here yet. Maybe I should watch one of the three damn movies that people from work have already lent me. After having one of them for over 6 months, I think it might be about time. Damn I'm lazy.

Must not continue to be lazy. Have work to do.

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