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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Holy Motivation, Batman! 

For some reason I was motivated today. I put together half of my chopping block after cleaning my kitchen, and picking up the rest of my flat, organizing my "to-be-ordered" kitchen bits, listening to an entire Johnny cash album while mopping and vacuuming, or the other way around, the entire flat. And all this before 13.30h. I can't quite grasp what happened, but I think I was slightly motivated.

I also have grown fond of using my blog to write lists of things to do. It might help me remember things. Or it might not. But at least it makes me think. Sometimes.

Here's my list of stuff to do before Sunday - because all the stores are closed on Sundays and I'll likely need lots of stores for all this...

I'm glad that 4 day weekends can sometimes be productive.

Got a picture today on my phone from Rome. Jealous. Sent back a picture from the Bagel Station. You're welcome, babe.

Must stay motivated - need to finish stuff and then go have eis! Lecker!

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