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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Grumpy Powerbook 

Not only is the Powerbook grumpy (and no I cannot explain this in any way...), but it has a german keyboard and there's not a reliable spellchecker for some reason with Safari. (Good luck reading the incomprehensible blog for the day. Really.)

To add insult to injury (rather, vice versa to be more precise), the headache that plagued me all week and decided to go away sometime in the afternoon yesterday came back a couple hours ago with a serious vengence. I am beginning to think I should have a spare stash of vicodin if this keeps up much longer. It's really frustrating.

I had a hard time actually getting out of bed today. It was too comfy. And I didn't have a particular reason to get up, so I would have preferred to lounge around the entire day. I lounged around for most of the day, getting up and leaving for a late lunch at the Bagel Station at some time that would be appropriate for afternoon tea at my mother's house. Afterwards went to Saturn for a quick spin around the games section and dvd section to look for something that might catch my eye. I pondered getting Pokemon Colosseum because I've heard (seriously) that it was a really good game. I passed up the opportunity because I realized that I have a boatload of games at home that I haven't played enough of to justify buying another one at the moment. (Even though Fable was preordered and set to be delivered sometime next week, but that's a totally different story somehow considering it was preordered. Right?) I still wasn't lucky enough to find a copy of Good Will Hunting on dvd that had english audio. Maybe it's a conspiracy and they're hiding all those copies somewhere in this city in a vault that I don't know about. It could happen. Probably not very likely, yet still somehow possible.

I went for dinner tonight to celebrate a birthday at Yellow, where we ate in the Special Room. It was special. I wanted to take a nap after dinner, but I refrained. Somehow.

Aside from the strawberry vodka, which I discovered recently at the Monk, there's a new drink on my drink card, as of tonight. Vodka sours. They're a kind of less sweet version (makes sense if they're 'sour', no?) of lemon drops, which used to be one of my favored shots. Sours are easy. Just throw some vodka and lemonjuice into a cup and sprinkle it with a little sugar and Voila! Vodka Sour. So simple, even I could make one at home. Blindfolded, no less. (Maybe.)

In case anyone is wondering, waxing hurts.

Okay the headache is overtaking everything even though I wanted to write a little something more with a little more substance. Time to try to relax a little and listen to Thief 3 (because I can't be botherd to get up and look at it) and contemplate some serious rest. Or sleep. Whichever comes first or lasts longest.

Oh and just for kicks....


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