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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Three day weekends should last longer. Sleep was accomplished, thankfully. The gaming plans didn't really iron out and to be totally honest, they just flat out didn't happen the way I had envisioned. Must remedy that over the course of the coming week and weekend. Sadly, I don't have another three day weekend until the one after this coming weekend. Thankfully, this means work weeks will remain at 4 days, at least until the end of April.

The party, with the bunny costume thing, was short. For me at least. And, indeed, the bunny costumes were slightly frightening. And when I say slightly, I mean incredibly. The beer on Friday was entertaining enough. I got to be a bitch. All night. It may have just been the highlight of my week solely for the one reason that I got to be a bitch, without apologies...all night. Yay me.

Enough rambling and babbling. I found this slightly interesting, in a humorous kind of way: http://games.slashdot.org/games/04/04/13/052203.shtml?tid=127&tid=186

Thanks Gamespot, because it's really required to portray every video game character fairly and accurately.

Wait, no, it's really not.

Currently awaiting the following games:
Finding Nemo, GC. - amazon.co.uk (What's up with the promised shipping date from JANUARY??)
Alias, Xbox - play.com (Any day now, kthx.)
Bookworm, GBA - dvdboxoffice.com (I really needed three copies of the game. Really.)
(*Although not a game, still awaiting) GBA charger. Updates to follow. Expected arrival - tomorrow. Don't let me down amazon.de!

In other news, Janet Reno is currently on the chopping block for the 9/11 investigative committee. Can't wait for the brilliantly unbiased reports tomorrow. I'll keep myself busy with some games tonight, to assuage my impatience.

Update - Re: The fun and cool level of cheap smokes and free booze: Unchanged - as of yet still no recent experience with these things. Will work harder at determining fun and cool level of such things.

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