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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

So, I've learned two things today. 1 - I'm not a typical American. This serves me well living in Vienna, I suppose. I'll expound on that later. 2 - Jarmusch directed what I'm told is a very good movie (Coffee and Cigarettes). It was apparently on the ticket for the Viennale film festival last year. I'm sad to have missed it. Fortunately, I just might be able to see it in theaters...sometime.

Oh I lied. I learned three things. I need this button.

To follow up on the link in yesterday's entry about men not portraying women properly in video games, and thanks to www.shacknews.com, I found this list published in GMR Magazine... In a short article entitled "The Great Women of Gaming" a short list was collected for publication.

Here's the list:

8. Azel - Panzer Dragoon Orta
7. Lulu - Final Fantasy X
6. Chun li - Street Fighter
5. Nina - Breath of Fire
4. Taki - Soul Calibur
3. Aoi - Virtua Fighter
2. Samus - Metroid
1. Yorda - Ico

I won't even comment. I can't bring myself to comment. But I must ask, they couldn't even come up with 2 more? I mean, make a real "Top Ten" list? Real shame. Real shame.

On a happier note, GBA charger cable arrived today. Thanks to amazon.de for actually sending something when they said they would. It's a first.

On an even happier note, Alias arrived today. dvdboxoffice.com rules. In so many ways. I'm considering locking myself in my flat and playing it through, but that would require missing both my german class tonight and perhaps a little work tomorrow. It just might be worth it! But I've already done my homework for class, so I may as well just give in and go, since I did (or in reality should have) already paid for the class. Missing work doesn't bother me that much since I'm still quite bored at work anyways.

So, going back to the typical American information. I'd imagine this serves me well in a number of ways, but I have to argue on a few fronts. I live in Austria. Austrians speak German. I took 7 (highly useless at this point) years of Spanish. That would likely make me at the very least a typical Californian. And, I would also argue that it might even make me a typical American in that most Americans don't learn to speak foreign languages and in some respects demand the rest of the world to learn English to accommodate them.

Another point, I can't get into the European shoe thing. Austrians seem to love them, not as much as Italians, I'll grant them that, but I just can't understand it. Now I know this sounds absurd, being female and all, but I wear one of three types of shoes on a daily basis. Boots, sandals, or slippers. And they don't look European regardless of the fact that I've made purchases in Vienna.

I was going to list more things that might qualify me as a typical American, but I stopped myself...thinking, now why would I really want to do that? I'm not keen on the president, his cabinet, his warmongering, or his seemingly inevitable re-election. I can't quite identify with the concepts and mindsets of Americans (as I discovered quite soon after moving to Vienna). I apparently am brazen and abrasive enough to be identified as an American, but the quality and quantity of my political opinions probably (rather seemingly) disqualify the brash delivery of them, or at least in a sense assuage the abrasiveness. I don't eat at fast food restaurants, neither in Europe nor in the states. Beyond these traits, I can't quite identify what it is that would make a stereotypical American. I'll see if I can't dig up more qualities that disqualify me from being a typical American and report back.

Currently awaiting the following games:
Finding Nemo, GC. - amazon.co.uk (What's up with the promised shipping date from JANUARY??)
Bookworm, GBA - dvdboxoffice.com (I really needed three copies of the game. Really.)

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