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Thursday, April 22, 2004

So I hauled my ass out of bed this morning after only about 3 hours of sleep. Groggy as all get out, and cranky of course. Drank a red bull whilst packing random bits of clothing. I don't know what's in my bag, but I hope that I at least remembered the essentials.

Work is still boring. Wonder if that'll change sometime soon. I know that there's supposedly some scheduled "long hours" weeks in the summer. I still have yet to figure out why I'll have long hours during those milestones. Not too anxious to figure it out, really.

Currently listening to a super old mix that was made for a houseboat week while I was still in university. Houseboat weeks rocked. Every year, we rented on average two houseboats and had some friends with ski boats. Bout 30 or so people made it out each time. Spent the week after finals on the lake waterskiing and consuming an inconceivable amount of beer. And playing Asshole. And Bullshit. Drinking games are bad sometimes. Also taught some miscreants how to play euchre, and then Laura and I tended to then pummel the shit out of them at that game. God that was fun. A quick google search turned up no urls. Sadly. There were some nice shots on the csuchico student sites from those houseboat weeks. Anyways. Good mix. I'd thank the guy that made it, but he's currently in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Poor guy.

Two things of absolutely no interest. Ever get the urge to call your significant other by a pet name and then stop yourself? Yeah. Babe....that was my stop short of speaking pet name. Never used that one before. Never will in the future. But I'm probably weird or something. I only use a pet name once. Or at least I haven't repeated any through all the boyfriends. Each one gets their very own pet name. Some of them not so loving. But then, they likely deserved it. Actually, since I was there I can say with authority that they didn't deserve the nice names. That's why they're exes.

Anyways, there was another thing of absolutely no interest. I need a massage.

That is all. Have a meeting to go to and I have to get all excited about leaving the country soon. Passport check...okay. I'm good. Time to run away. Be elusive and sly and cunning and all that jazz. Yay!

Update: I can get a massage this weekend. This rules!

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