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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I was going to ramble on about motivation, but I can't find the proper words. I'll likely not get back to writing about it because it's easier to have conversations with people than to expound on a theory when you're the only one talking. Besides, I'm lazy today. And I don't know that that will change soon.

My ears hurt. So does my head, come to think of it. And I woke up with a really sore throat today. And sore neck. I think I might be getting ill. Don't know where I could possibly come up with that, but yeah. Thanks, babe. I thought I could get away from the recurring headache... It went away in Tunisia, but now I fear the damn thing's back. Wonder if I have drugs to dull the aches.

So there's a part on a man's body that's just awesome. No, not that. Well that's nice too, but that's not what I meant. Anyways. Right along the spine, at the bottom of the small of the back. I think it's officially called the place between the small of the back and the top of the ass, but that might be the technical term for it, really. Or it's just one of the body parts that just has no name because it's in between something and another thing. Nonetheless, I can't quite say why precisely, but I think it's sexy. And fun to touch. I'll have to take a poll from the girl-type friends to see how they feel about that. And see what they think of the shoulder thing. Which is sometimes a problem. There's just some shoulders that you can't lay on. That just don't work at all. And some that are just perfectly comfortable to lay on and sleep on. I'm sure there's other bits that are sexy that I'm overlooking for the moment, but really am just overlooking because I got distracted earlier by the sexy small of the back spot. I'm sure, if given the chance, I'd prattle on about other sexy bits, it's just that I had the opportunity to notice the back earlier and got to thinking about it.

Anyways. Gah. I almost just lost my entire blog entry to an orkut invitation. That would have made me a sad panda. Now I have to go sign up because I'm getting harassed by a friend about it. Okay okay, harassed is the wrong word. Strongly encouraged. Better.

By the way, bookworm is apparently addictive. I would say more, but I wasn't the one up until 4 in the morning playing! And beating my high score. I can tell there's going to be some kind of small competition going on. But the bar's already set....a tad high. It'll most likely take me a while to beat the 600,000 pt high score.

Okay, strong encouragement has turned to harassment. Must sign up now.

Okay, need reminders for the following. Someone help me out.

Little one to the office tomorrow.
Xbox to the office tomorrow.
Old Mobile to the office tomorrow.

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