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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Ever have one of those days where no matter how hard you try, you just can't get a stupid person to acknowledge that they're stupid? I might be alone in this, but I fear that's not the case. What's worse is when the stupid people are armed with at least 10 firearms and are threatening to hit someone with a chair. It's a long story, and it was aggravating enough the first time through, that I don't care to explain it at the moment. Some people's parents just shouldn't breed.

On another note, I might actually have some sort of internet connection working at my flat, or so I'm promised, next Tuesday morning. I can then test out my wireless router with my fabulous laptop with integrated wireless throughout my flat and report back. Because it is slightly comical, here's the short version of the story... Apparently I had made (unbeknownst to me) an appointment with the internet people to come to my flat yesterday at 3 in the afternoon. However, as I am typically at work at that time of the day, I have this feeling that this appointment would have never been kept, and I don't actually remember ever making this appointment. After calling them about their friendly card that was left in my door, I explained nicely that the reason I wasn't there yesterday at 3 in the afternoon is because I work and that I would like to reschedule the appointment so they can give me a properly working modem. She offered next Monday at 3 in the afternoon. Oh the irony. We finally settled on Tuesday morning, as that's the least likely time that I would be at work, and apparently most likely that one of their technician people will have a modem for me. This is slightly good news for me, as my day has been rather bland. Aside from the stupid person discussion that I already mentioned which was more frustration than anything else.

I started Alias, and in my ingenious state when I left the office for my German class yesterday, I left the game in my xbox on my desk. This is one of my great failures...memory. But I'll expound on that at some time in the future, as I can't remember the point of it anyways. So back to the important part. Alias. It's a pretty decent game so far. I have only spent about a collective hour playing. The controls are slightly interesting, as there's no particular attack button assigned for punching, kicking etc. So far the story seems okay, although I have only played a mission. The animations aren't bad, the voice acting is as to be expected as it's the original cast voices anyways. The locations are pretty cool, but sometimes a little boring for lack of a better term. The first mission is in a casino, but there's all of about 3 people there when you start the mission. I found that slightly odd for a casino in Monte Carlo. I forgot (oh that memory thing again) my MU at home this morning, so I'll have to try to remember to take the game home when I leave today, and then start from the beginning again. Not so bad, since it's a kind of fun mission anyways. I expect to finish the game in a relatively short time, since it's only a 9 mission game. There might not be a whole lot of replayability in it, but I will likely replay it just because I'm an Alias freak.

Yesterday I meant to actually link the Coffee and Cigarettes plug. So there's my fix. Still looks damn good.

Okay. So. Typical American commentary from yesterday was missing a key element. The intent was Typical American Girl. Yeah, I can't argue that I'm not a typical American girl. And I won't argue. I'm just not a typical American girl. There. I said it.

I did some more thinking about this whole typical American thing. And I still, unfortunately, haven't come up with more elements to the stereotype. I would have collected some data about it, but I couldn't be bothered to poll anyone at the bar last night, and I was with an American girl, so she would likely not be of any help in trying to determine stereotypical traits. I think I give up at this point. If it comes up again as a topic sometime, I'll see how much more information I can get, but I'm good for now.

In the process of being entirely bored at work (still), I found an interesting site. Go to town. There's some tests there that remind me of my college days.

I'm sad to report that the gaming news is slow today. This is all I got. Hands on Payback IGN article. I'm slightly intrigued, but will likely never touch this game as I have had enough of GTA, thankyouverymuch.

*Update. I lied. There's one more Gaming related bit of news that was interesting to me. Click here.

I lied twice. Here's one more.

Currently awaiting the following games:
Finding Nemo, GC - amazon.co.uk (What's up with the promised shipping date from JANUARY?? Seriously, what the hell is taking so long?)
Bookworm, GBA - dvdboxoffice.com (I really needed three copies of the game. Really. Actually one would suffice. Send now please, kthxbye.)

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