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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Bookworm arrived today! Juhu! Good thing I didn't bring my gba to work. Even better, however, that there are nice people that will lend me their gbas so I can play it. Bad thing that I don't know if I'll have that much time to check it out. But there's always the u-bahn ride home that's never exciting anyways.

So 2/3s of my order from apple.com have arrived at the delivery address. Too bad that address is in the states. Grr. The mini ipod should be arriving in about.... 6 weeks. Just in time for a hand delivery to me from Laura. Except she doesn't know about it yet, but that's entirely okay.

So on to matters of some kind of substance....

I'm sad that my 'just starting to plan a trip' trip to Iceland has already been cancelled. Now I'll have to find something else to do in the fall. How distracting, really. Iceland would have been perfect, I wouldn't have had to plan much and I assume that I probably would have had a good time.

Lunch time. To be continued....

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