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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Blogging from bed. Awesome. I'd recommend it.

So the end of the internet connection at home story includes not much technical support from the people that are supposed to provide the service and a lot of stupid (read ingenious really) and time consuming attempts on my part. Tuesday morning's visitor was nice enough. I wouldn't go so far as to say competent, although he did plug in cat 5 cables with authority. Then I signed a piece of paper and he left. I went back to bed.

Spent the rest of the day in the flat, as I had a fantastic headache. Spent about 3 hours on the phone with technical support people that all said the same thing. Is it me or would you find it a smidge disconcerting to hear from all of the tech support guys you talk to, "Oh, this looks bad."? So I bought some beer, some wine, some cheese and bread. Then, I called them back and told them to change everything and suddenly.... It worked. It was a magical moment. One of my better in the past 24 hours, and the moment that has allowed me to wallow in bed, coughing up a storm, and blog on my little one. Yay.

I had a dream a few nights ago that someone gave me two kittens. One looked like a tiny miniature of the cat that used to be mine but is now my mother's. It was sleeping curled up inside rather large garden terra cotta pot and nearly blended in with the pot, had really pretty amber eyes and a shaky meow, but since it was sleeping I guess that's to be expected. The other was super fluffy with bluish gray fur and walked around my leg making loads of noise and purring like mad. This dream was definitely a sign. I need a cat. I'll have to investigate the animal shelters round here and see what I can find.

I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I live above a kindergarten. While it's not so bad during the weekdays that I am at work, it's really not that thrilling when I'm sick in bed. The adorable little things (read obnoxious creatures) are currently playing bongos and screaming. In the courtyard. My bedroom window faces that courtyard. This is reinforcing the 'never-have-children' urge.

I'm supposed to go to Tunisia tomorrow. Since I've not been at work all week, I don't know if this will happen. I wouldn't really mind staying at home all weekend, but then, the trip is something that I would probably really enjoy. I just don't like flying when slightly under the weather, so I will likely complain loads. Which will make it all that much more fun for everyone else, right?

I finally got word from Amazon about Finding Nemo. The bastards lied. I won't EVER get it. So I'll order it from dvdboxoffice. At least they actually deliver products that they have on their website, unlike the Amazon jerks. I don't really want to slander all Amazon branches, though. This is just the UK people. We all know how they are, right?

Speaking of limeys... Have some thoughts, but not quite in order at the moment. Must blog them later. Hopefully will remember - unlikely as it sounds, I know.

Still don't have modded xbox, but not from lack of memory! I blame Matt. Yes, that's right. Matt.

I'd kill for some curry right now. That always makes me feel better. Reminds me of home. And Zarine. What an awesome lady. She was my neighbor growing up, from Calcutta, and she's a mean cook. She always makes really fantastic dishes that are always super simple, delicious and fun to eat with fingers. She made crab curry two or three days after Christmas last year. There were 12 people around the table, and a huge vat of crabs in the best curry sauce you can imagine. Salads, chipathis, super good rice, ahhhh. We cracked crabs and made a huge mess of ourselves, the table and the floor. Someone (read my brother) even managed to fling crab meat onto the overhead cabinets in the kitchen. Was fab.

Now I'm hungry. Hmph.

Must do some research on spas in Austria and pick one that Laura and I can go to this summer. Can't wait to see her, kind of sad she's not bringing the boytoy. He's nice. Easy to talk to. Amusing. Dying for stories about Laura's more stupid moments, which I more than happily provide... At least she's bringing herself. And it's costing her a pretty penny too, poor thing. I'll have to make it up to her by being all the fun and joy I normally am. (Uhhh, right.) Or maybe more than normal. If that's even possible.

Gaming related links to be added at a later time.

Still waiting for bookworm damnit. Anyday now!

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